Zoe Jones: «Again I dared to dream…»

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The story that we are going to tell you is absolutely extraordinary. The story of a figure-skater who has reloaded her sport carear because of passinate love for figure-skating. 

Meet Zoe Jones and her amzing fantastic story.

Skating plays a massive roll in my daily life, as well as competing myself, Me and Christopher coach together as a team and I’m a skating mum to 3 children who also love to be on the ice.

So the rink it’s like a second home to me I’m there 7 days a week ( I’m really not sure why I don’t have a bed somewhere in the building )

Skating has always been my love and my passion from a very young age, I dropped gymnastics which at the time my talents in the gym were far greater than on the ice , but the ice was where I always loved to be and that’s never changed.

I’ve had a lot of bumps in my journey threw life both on and off the ice, when I hit my late teens I struggled with minor injury’s on and off and after qualifying for the 1998 games in Nagano a torn hamstring left me unable to complete at Nationals and sealed my fate to this being the end of my season with a good year of recovery ahead !!

Although I went on to win nationals in 2000 and 2001 and compete at top internationals including Europeans and Worlds, I struggled with injury from here on in and felt like I was going round in circles finally getting back to my best only thing be stuck down with another injury, I wanted it so much that the devastation I felt each time and the desperation to get back to where I was eventually resulted in an eating disorder and the end of my career at the age of 22.

After being away from the ice for a year I was asked to coach in the small town where I was living in Canada i filled a 13 year gap with a coaching career and starting a family and after having my 3rd child ( I have twin girls Zarah and Zinia aged 11 and a 6 year old boy Zkai ) i needed to get back in shape !! I’ve always been a religious gym goer, fitness freak but this time it was easier for me to find time to get back in shape by staying on the ice to skate after my coaching sessions, which is where the second very unpredictable part of my skating career began.

What started off as getting back in shape, quickly turned into jumps and spins and what was I still capable off ?

I came across an article on Madori Ito competing in Obertsforf in the adult competition, and thought if it’s good enough for her if she can do it then so can I, and she was what inspired me to set myself the goal of getting back into competition, I had something to prove to myself !!!

I always felt like ld left unfinished business out on the ice and was disappointed in the way in which I’d had to retire.

The Obertsdorf competition was happening in 3 months …

I found myself some music and choreographed myself a programme.

Two weeks before the competition I decided I wanted to be the First Lady to do a triple at the adults and changed my program to fit a 3T in that I had started to try.

I’m so glad I pushed myself, I left the competition with the record score in the adult competition and proving to myself that I could do what ever I set my sights on

As I said earlier I have had many bumps in my road both on and off the ice and the following years were to hold some of my biggest battles, being on the ice skating really was the glue to holding myself together while everything else was falling apart and after my second trip to Obertsdorf I started to push myself more and more on the ice. I was very proud of myself to land first a 3F then a 3L followed by a 3S then a 3Lo ( all on the 3rd attempt )

I posted a video to my face book timeline and this is what opened myself up to getting back into the competitive scene!!I had so many people messaging me and commenting on how I should come back and skate at the British Championships, everybody else planted the seed I don’t think i would have chosen this route by myself

Getting back in shape to do a 4 min program with triples by myself was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, the falls the pain were almost unbearable on days ( as silly as it sounds your body has to get used to falling and I hadn’t fallen like this in 14 years )

I qualified for the British !!

I went in daring to dream the unthinkable but hoping to place half way in the pack.

I went on to place 3rd in the short program.

Long program day !!!!

I’ll never forget how sick to my stomach I felt this hole day haha

My thoughts were along the lines of omg I’m actually doing this, I’ve put myself out here if I mess up I’m going to look ridiculous everyone is going to think what on earth was I thinking or trying to achieve

I skated with my heart and left everything out there I finally proved to myself I could !!! I couldn’t have done any more ( well other than a loop on the end of last jump which technically cost me the title )

I won the Free and was announced the winner ….. until it came to light a mistake had been made and a 1T hadn’t been counted in another skaters score. I finished in second place overall.

I had Won the free no one could take my skate away from me or those feelings but to be given my fairytale ending the title I only dared to think about in my wildest most secret dreams was devastating

I won’t lie I was heart broken and it took a long time to recover but the response from people from all over the world the messages,calls,cards and texts was unbelievable there were hundreds and I thank every person who took the time to write to me because they really helped me, I had never looked at my self as inspirational and to hear so many people tell me how I inspired them and how much respect people had for me was very overwhelming

I carried on skating after Nationals not really knowing what to do with myself and when I saw a post from Chris saying that he’d split with his partner and was looking for a new one I messaged him right away, something along the lines of “I know I’m old and I have 3 kids BUT ……..

I had a response from him about possibly contacting me if he was at a later point to have some trials, I just thought he was being polite lol

But he did contact me for trials and I was so excited at the thought, pairs had always been my dream I skated pairs as a small 8 year old girl and at 11 also, it was always my dream to have someone alongside me on the ice.

I honestly don’t think I slept the night before I was so nervous and excited and didn’t really expect anything to come of it but again I dared to dream

Trials were GREAT !! At the end we were told to wait and Chris and his coach Mark would come and talk to us all separately.

I was expecting “ that was really good but with your age and family we don’t think it would be possible “ instead what came out was “that was great and could we come to your rink and see if we could make it work bla bla bla“ I was in such shock I missed most of the conversation that followed and even gave the wrong email address for myself but that’s how Chris and myself came to be together.


Zoe and Chris,  we wish the best of luck!

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