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Exactly as it is in Oberstdorf”  So with the reference to the  international competition in Oberstdorf, considered by many  amateurs a world championship,  our applıcatıon has been  rejected. Just because our pair is not a man and a woman, but the pair of two she-skaters.  We are not upset, we are not offended because our pair is not human in one half.  The organizers have the will and the right to set the rules. As in Oberstdorf.  So let it be so.

But why so…  It’s absolutely obvious that among amateurs there too few pairs both in pair skating and in dancing.  You can hardly see 2 or 3 dancing pairs competing in Russia. Mostly it’s only one pair and in this case no competition. The situation is actually so sad that  event organizers claims openly  -“ if you want to compete, look for other pairs and come together, otherwise there will be no competition”. The same is in pair skating if not worse.

There is nothing to do with the problem because men don’t  want to figure-skate, and especially figure-skate dancing. The most part of men associate figure-skating with feminity. Maxim Trankov, two times Olympic champion, writes in his book that being a teenager asked about sport he was doing, answered – skates.  Because figure-skating is not for men, and just skates could be hockey or speed-skating.

Of course, one can’t say that there are no amateur he-skaters in the skating-rinks. They are there.  For sure. But they are scanty. I respect them all, they are brave, confident and free from stupid stereotypes. Event organizers could learn a lot from them.

But,  can you imagine how difficult it is – to create a skating pair? How many “this and that” should match? First,  “physics” – height and weight and so on. Second, the level of skating. It is not that interesting to watch a skater with a “suit-case”. Third, “chemistry” – the partners should like each other at least. Fourth, training schedule and common wish to compete. There are cases when one partner is eager to take part in sport events and the other one is interested only in training process. And more and more obstacles.

All these objective reasons make clear why there are so few pairs in amateur figure-skating. Even in Oberstdorf, the main competition for adult skaters last season there were only 23 dancing pairs: 3 in Masters,  4 in Gold, 9 in Silver and 7 in Bronze.  Just think – 23 pairs from the whole world.  Just for comparison: in single Bronze ladies with free program 142 participants performed.  14 dancers for 142 single skaters.  And perhaps some of these single ladies don’t dance just because they can’t find a he-partner.

Unfortunately, no reasons for positive changes in this sphere. Men don’t figure skate now, and they are not going to do it in future.

So why not allow ladies to perform together? What is there so awful that can’t stand educated, developed and tolerant Europe and Russia that want to be not worse? Someone may say –Boo, it is not very pleasant to watch two girls skating together. But if it is not pleasant for you just don’t watch.  Someone may say – it’s not fair when one-gender and two-genders pairs compete together.  But I can’t see any problem here. In synchro there are teams with men and without. And they compete together and enjoy.

I believe that rules should work for people not on the contrary and they should help to develop and popularize figure-skating among people.  And it is the main purpose of all adult competitions. One-gender pairs won’t do any harm, nobody will suffer.  There just will be more pairs, more competions, more movement and more progressive development.

As for us – one failure can’t stop us. Stay with us and be informed.

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