Kristine Carlson: «Who needs kitchen space when you can have ice?»

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Surely you have ever thought about your own ice rink. At least 2-3 meters … So, while some only dream, others do! Today Kiss and Cry’s guest is Christina Carlson, skater and happy owner of her own home ice!

Christina Carlson

How did you get the idea to make a mini-skating rink at home? When did it happen?

I saw another skater posted one that she had outside. I had always heard that synthetic ice isn’t good and not good for your blades but this kind is different than most so I decided to try it since no rinks are open to practice.

Was it an expensive idea?

With shipping, it cost a little more than $300.

What are the blocks?

It’s Polyglide ice it comes in puzzle pieces and you can add more at anytime. In fact I just ordered more to make it bigger.

I leave it set up in my kitchen. You could take it apart but for me, it’s just easier to leave it set up. I have used it every day since I got it. I’m not sure the exact life span. They come in different sizes I got the starter kit which is 32 square feet. But I just ordered another one so I will double it. Who needs kitchen space when you can have ice?

What difference did you feel between skating on standard and synthetic ice?

It is a little different than regular so there is an adjustment but it’s so nice to be able to use those muscles and get used to my skates again since it had been so long because of quarantine. Each day I can do a little more.

How do you spend your training sessions on synthetic ice? What elements do you get?

Mostly I just skate back snd forth and do Inna bowers at the ends to turn. Right now there isn’t too much space. I have been able to do a spiral and 3 turns. I did 2 one foot spins but it’s so different and you feel like you are flying since the toe pick doesn’t sink in like it does on the ice. But I can do new things each day so I may eventually be able to do everything again. But either way, it’s better than the no skating I was doing!

What emotions do you feel from skating at home?

I love it it’s fun and very convenient! It’s just so nice to have skates on again. It does get hot though I miss the cold of the rink.

What was your family’s reaction?

My family just thinks it’s neat!

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