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We spent 2 days in a small Russian town Alexandrov competing, watching and talking with adult skaters. Sure, we have many impressions. We are going to share them with you — and no secrets. Our duo danced tangoing and of cause, our personal success paint our perception bright. Perhaps if we were not the winners, our impressions were different, because in spite of all “goods” and “bads” “Russian Winter” is an important and large all-Russia competition for adult amateurs.

Medal Ceremony in Pair Skating

This start is tremendous. There were about 50 warm-ups, and there were 8-9 skaters in some of them.  Men, women, pairs, ice dance, ice dance solo; free skating, artistic, improvisation, duo and group dances. 4 pairs performed in pair skating.  It is a pity that such a big competition had only one ice dance pair. But there were 2 same-sex duos, and both – really strong.  We were sure that we would lose. Our rivals skate really great. So our first place was an unexpected surprise for us! And we were happy to win.

Ice Ballet «Vozrozhdenie», Moscow. The only dance group in the competition

Also it was sad to see only one adult dance group, and we miss our Gold gentlemen – Andrey Zverev and Sasha Romanov. A number of well-known and omnipresent adult skaters  ignored Russian Winter this year. It happens like that in Olympic season when pros miss world championships after the Games.

“Russian Winter” has been held for many years so there are no fatal organization flaws. This start already has its own traditions.  Let’s take medals, for example. They are plastic, colorful and there are no places on them, only the name of the start — “Russian Winter”.  Thus all participants, all, get same medals but different diploma. On the one hand, it is a special feature of this competition, but for me it is not that great. 

Speaking about “Russian Winter 2020” one must mention  Gala  for locals. And it became a pleasant surprise for skaters too. In Gala show both adult skaters and children amateurs took part.

Our duo  liked it!  And we think it could motivate adult skaters for creating more interesting programs in the future.  It is great to be chosen from more than hundred skaters, isn’t it? In  Gala skaters from different towns and ages were represented, and the organizers choose the most spectacular programs.

That’s us. NikonovaMedenDuo

As for scores – it’s rather specific sphere of adult FS. We usually pay little attention to our scores. They are always somewhere between “2” and “5”.  The category does not matter.  They will not give you less than “two” not to upset you and will not give more than “five” for you don’t have illusions and don’t think that you can SKATE.  It’s about components.  So personally I don’t have any opinion about judging, I even don’t know the names of judges. But other skaters told us that they were satisfied.

It’s not the scores adult skaters came for. They came for emotions. And there were emotions! We hugged and were hugged, kissed and were kissed, we said a lot of warm words and were told warm words.  It was sincere, touching and moving. We met a lot of friends and made many new.

Besides that we performed well both times – tangoing in the competition and in the Gala ( though we were really nervous).  

“Russian Winter” is an important start for adult skaters. Some people consider it to be an unofficial Russian Nationals for adults, but of cause it is not so, because you don’t need to be qualified to participate.  But it will not do any harm if Masha from Chelyabinsk or Natasha from Sochi will call themselves national champs. And if these titles help them to get more ice practice in their rinks it will be great.  So you may call this start as you like.

We congratulate all the winners and  the participants and wish good luck!

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