Nadia Colbourne:»And all this brings a good and positive feeling.»

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Everything is stored with a slightly lazy but functional approach (an with a fair bit of dust too), therefore the treasures had to be dusted before the shoot!

1. The medals are kept on the hook. Added on as they arrive home. Therefore you can see the medals from Klinsky Ice competition in Russia on the top. Can you spot them? 

This is the industrial size hook mentioned in the previous article

2. Tossies — they are sorted and eaten (where appropriate) in a rationed manner. Therefore my little coffee table is «decorated» by a massive salad dish still full of tossies, my cow Obi and teddy bear Rich, toys, flags, spring flowers from the Valentine’s day — I don’t have roses. My spring is celebrated with daffodils, and my favourite colour — white — is represented by chrysanthemums. My «men» know well what I love! You will find a few copies of no longer published magazine «I skate» with some references to the competitions I took part in, and also a figure skating book — a present from my older son Misha. A rather entertaining knitted sculpture — my former ice dance partner Gordon Hamilton and I; this is a present from Davis Marzell, a fabulous ice dancer and true gentleman.The drawing on the wall is very dear to me — this is the work of my friend Liudmila Ouagueni. We worked together in oil business. And last but not least — the Valentine Card from my 5 year old skating partner Sophia. All the love in on just one table!

3. «The pots». Dusted. Awarded at the competitions in many different countries over the last 8.5 years. The very first competitive start was in Oxford in November 2011. Whist dusting I was once again impressed with the design approach to the trophies at Troyes in France and Berlin and Oberstdorf in Germany. Pretty cool. And all this brings a good and positive feeling.

On this note I wish you all effective training, safe preparation for the new competitions and challenges and as always… happy skating! 

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