Ravasz R. László: «A big dream was crumbling…»

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Today we are sharing an interview with another lover of open skating rinks, the winner of the Winter photo-flashmob, the Hungarian skater Ravasz R. László.

Do you like to skate on open-air ice?

I love to skate on the open field. I skated outdoors in my childhood, even when it was very cold. At that time there was no indoor hall in Budapest.

Ravasz R. László
Ravasz R. László: «Both photos were taken on the same place Városligeti Műjégpálya the biggest and oldest open rink /artificial ice/ in Europe. Between the 2 photos are more or lessssssss 40 years.»

Please, describe the most beautiful or most lovely place for skating you have ever visited?

I am very lucky because the City Park Ice rink in Budapest is the largest and oldest in Europe. I love this wonderful ice rink and I visit it regularly. My other favorite is Berlin, where every winter a ring-like course is built around the Neptune Fountain. 

Do you have dream about skating on any open air ice rink?

My dream is to skate on an open field, like a frozen mountain lake or an ice rink on a Florida beach.

By accident you became viewer of WWMG only. Can you share your experience of this great event?

It was a great competition in a wonderful environment. The figure skating competitions in the Olympic hall were worthy of place. The opening and closing ceremony in the master village was exciting and cheerful. WWMG and Innsbruck gave me a lifetime memory.

Ravasz R. László

What happened to you before the competition?

In the week before the race, I dropped my turn at the last training session in Budapest. I broke my spindle bone in my right hand. This resulted in more than 2 weeks of plaster captivity unfortunately I was unable to enter the WWMG competitions. I became WD.

What did you feel when realized that you wouldn’t be able to enter the Games?

After I got the plaster on my hand, I became really sad. A big dream was crumbling… because I feel like I could have started as a medalist. By the end of the competitions, I had gathered a lot of new experiences and enjoyed the success of my athletes. The sadness will be gone once I get there for the next WWMG event with a 70-year-old head.

Ravasz R. László

What will remind you of the Games in Insbruck?

Lots of fun moments with friends. Lots of photos I took. New friendships. The fabulous environment of the snow-capped mountains. And not least the percussion that I felt like a coach….because I could encourage Alan and Kata.

Ravasz R. László

Tell about your future plans and dreams in figure skating.

Immediately after my rehab I continue training because I have 2 more Hungarian and 2 international competitions this season. My dreams are to present pure programs in a higher category in the future and to perfect the elements. At age 66, I don’t dream of double jumps, but I want to introduce harder spin combinations at the next WWMG.

We wish you luck in skating and realizing your dreams.

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