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Yes, it’s time to touch it. That really important problem. The one that constantly worries and never leaves us alone. We should have discussed the topic earlier but now it is  high time to speak about it.  After WWMG 2020 finished – absolutely.

I was lucky to watch a lot of programs shown in the Games and of cause being involved as I am an adult skater myself I was watching thinking.

I saw that as usual the most part of competitors are ladies Bronze and Silver II. Unfortunately as usual there were rather few male skaters and especially pair and ice dance skating were  unenthusiastically scanty.  But the happy moment is that competition with only one skater was a competition in the Games and  the only skater got a place (1st) and the medal (gold). And it is right because you can’t blame a sportsman for being the only representative, he is not responsible for other skaters. He  or she prepared and came and of cause he should have  been awarded.

I was upset to know that there were only one male skater and one ice dance pair from Russia. It is such a big sporty country, FS country. Just look what results Russian skates show in European Championship that takes place these days in Graz, Austria.

I  feel  really confused about adult ice dance regulations – it’s too complicated and smashed in too many small parts instead of something more creative and interesting . But it’s the topic for other discussion, maybe next time.  Today we are talking about other more important and eternal question. And it’s not “to be or not to be”.  However  it sometimes makes us sleepless.

By the way adult skaters (mostly females) are so creative. Just have a look at their  skating dresses – they are often more original and beautiful than those of professional skaters. And not only dresses – overalls,  trousers and shorts! Some of them even dyed their hair in some fantastic colors to make the image bigger.  And mentioning it we come closer and closer to our eternal problem. Those words – overalls, shorts, bigger – signs for that closeness.

Maybe you have already understood – we are speaking about physical shape. Our body shape. To be more precise about modern stereotypes connected with our look. I noticed how comfortable and confident European Ladies feel no matter what their shapes and sizes are.  They skate free in overalls and short dresses and do not hide themselves in shapeless clothes. Even being female part of skating pair it is not obligatory to be a “twig”. And the men feeling strong and reliable with lifts and ladies feeling attractive and free in their hands. 

Honestly if you are a professional skater and have to jump triples and quads and perform crazy lifts you must be skinny and small, but for adult sport it is not necessary. We can be big  with no skating problems. And if so why we worry and why we don’t sleep and don’t eat?

Well, I want to blame men, they want us skinny and if not — we are fat and ugly. And that makes women think about losing weight, not eating and hiding.  I am tired of “all that “men’s world” jazz”.   I’d rather be like an European Lady Skater – free and confident being me, myself.

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