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Anna Scherbakova. Short Program. Open Skates.

European Championship has started and we are ready to watch and to worry. In single ladies skating personally, I am going to support Ania Scherbakova, mostly because of her this season  free program. Her coaches chose for the prog amazing music by two really outstanding composers: French Eric Sati and Russian Igor Stravinsky. Both of them are masters of new styles and new streams in music. But nowadays their works are considered to be classical.  I can’t say that the choreography of the program is impressive, it is just usual for modern ladies programs,  but Ania with her intelligent  and refine skating and her quads , unusual transforming dress and, of cause, the music save the situation with ordinary composition and choreo.

But let’s start from the start. In the first part of the program Eric Sati’s music is used. Sati was a very contradicting personality, his musical views changed during all his life. He is the author of pieces with very weird names such as “Trois morceaux en forme de poire   ” and others.  Ania has a little extract from Gnossienne No.1 . We are not going to dig deep in Sati’s musical world (you can do it yourselves if you want)  but we should say that the name Gnossienne   was invented by the composer himself for a new musical style he had created.  Also the fact is that modern choreographers are fond of Gnossiennes,  and we highly recommend to watch Three Gnossiennes by Hans van Manen with amazingly beautiful Uliana Lopatkina.

The second and the third parts are Igor Stravinsky “Fire-bird”. To be honest I can’t understand why there is so little ballet music in figure skating? Ballets are written specially to dance. So ballet music is very convenient for dancing and for listening.  Instead of that we have to listen to endless and faceless modern pop-music that one can’t remember and differ from one another.  So even the music was written for a contemporary ballet and has some original style or rhythm anyway it is more suitable for skating because writing a ballet a composer means that somebody is going to move together with his music.

But let’s come back to Ania’s program… I am not Danny G’s fan, but this program is a success. “Fire-bird” is good, and the red variant of the dress is good.  And what is more important all FS elements in the program don’t spoil the landscape. Because it happens very often that jumps and spins look like artificial teeth in the programs.  And when two-time Russian Champ is on ice skating her free prog both your eyes and ears enjoy. And that means that you watch a real FS!

I wish all the skaters good luck in Graz! But Ania Scherbakova, Eric Sati and Igor Stravinsky are my favorite trio.  And what about  you? Who are your heroes?

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