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There are few men in adult skating – it’s a fact. Why so? We tried to find out the answer, and I believe there are two biggest reasons.  Number One – the most part of men think that FS is girls’ activity and guys want something like hockey: aggressive and massive. Number Two – it may seem strange but it is fear. They are afraid of ice: it is solid and cold. So they choose ski, more comfortable and to fall into snow is more pleasant.

So they are few.  But Masters Games are world-wide, and we have almost all male skaters from all over the world: form Bronze up to Master Elite.  By the way such a big country as Russia (my Motherland) is represented by only one gentleman- Gasan Gastiev (Bronze III). He took the fifth place in Artistic. And I congratulate him with it!

Yesterday late at night (it was after midnight in Moscow) I was watching the coolest guys in Adult FS. Masters and Master Elite. And it is again: they are extremely few. In each age category – 1 or 2 skaters, max 5 in the youngest group.

What I wanna say: “Guys! You are great! Incredibly great!” Someone may say – Garry Beacom was a national champ when he was younger and Christian Franz did skating in his childhood for sure. And what?  To jump triples in 15 and in 30 is not the same. It’s like to learn to jump anew.

But it’s better to start from the start. The first skater whom I want to mention is Leigh Yip (Master Elite IV) from GB. That positive and elegant gentleman performed absolutely clean doubles, and his smile never left his face.  And music – it was J. Strauss “Die Fledermaus”! The choice of music surprised me but at the same time I was glad to hear it. Mr. Leigh skated calm and confident and it was a great pleasure to watch him.  He gained about 75. And I know that he is going to take part in Master Pair Artistic and with Midori Ito. I am looking forward to seeing that extraordinary duet.

Christian Franz from Germany (Master I) just entered the rink and just did triples. And skating itself was just amazing – emotional, musical and confident. Unfortunately I can’t remember the music, probably it was something from modern pop-music and that doesn’t mean anything outstanding. I was surprised to know that Mr.Franz got less that the gentleman from Great Britain – about 72.  But Christian’s program in my point of view was more complicated. But who am I to judge the judges!

And of course the main hero of yesterday’s evening – Garry Beacom! He is a great skater. And he is a great man. There is no age for him,  there is nothing impossible for him! He creates skating. His free prog is stunning mix of original elements, musicality and outstanding skating skills. And his score – 94.04- just confirm my words.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate all male skaters performing in WWMG2020. You are rare, you are few. And you are cool!

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