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On Tuesday all day long I was watching WWMG  from Innsbruck.  A lot of my friends are competing there, so it was interesting for to see them skating.  Sometimes I was distracted by everyday routine at home, and by the way I must confess – to watch an endless row of adult figure-skaters is rather exhausting, even for me. And I am an adult skater myself.

So I was watching and thinking about adult sport, its development in different countries, about choice of music and images, about bodypositive movement (yes, and I am going to write about it), about dresses and unitards… But…

The moment something distracted me once again I heard “Ave Maria”, and of course I was eager to know and to see who was so romantic and brave to skate such a famous music piece? Honestly I expected a girl in a white dress slim and young. I saw a man. And everything changed at once. All my thoughts about problems and trends in adult FS disappeared! He was dressed in camouflage. He was from Mexico. With some maybe real or fake bright-red wound on his forehead. Absolutely incredible and genuine in every move. And the programme itself…  No movements for just movements. Of course, there were FS elements, but in that Requiem ( and I saw the theme of that Artistic programme in that way)  there was no elements just for scores. And we all know that unfortunately for figure skating mathematics rules now.  In Ave Maria arms, body, mimics, emotional state and elements are precisely for the theme and for the music.  That skater won my heart!

I’d like to meet him and to present him to our readers. His name is Ignacio Martinez (Master III). And it doesn’t matter that he didn’t win, he is the best for me. He is even better than Garry Beacom, who gained for his very complicated Artistic Programme 40+ scores and it is two times more than my Ignacio got.

Because there is Algebra and there is Harmony, as some of wise man said.

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