Valeriia Yas: «I managed to register only on the third attempt»

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WWMGs have not yet begun, but have already made it clear that amateur sports are now very popular. And the popularity of figure skating has already been felt by many of our colleagues, including Valeriia Yas!

Valeriia Yas

Why and how much did you want to participate in WWMG?

I saw information about WWMG on Facebook about a year before the date of this event and immediately thought that it would be nice to take part in it, especially after reading the description of this grand sporting event, which takes place only once every 4 years, very similar to The Olympic Games, only for adult amateurs, and makes this start even more valuable. To become a part of a wonderful sport festival, to get a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions, to meet old friends and meet new like-minded people, to spend time productively and interestingly — those thoughts with which I wanted to register.

I know you got to the participants from the «reserve list». What did you feel when you realized that you would still go to the Games?

Yes, I managed to register only on the third attempt, when a notification came that my participation was approved from the «reserve list». Of course I was delighted, and if such an opportunity came up, I definitely need to take advantage and definitely participate. But honestly, I did not expect this, because the excitement around figure skating was great.

Valeriia Yas

What are your expectations from the Games? What is so special about them?

Naturally, I want to skate the programs cleanly and with emotions. And also to find myself in a friendly competitive atmosphere, where it is so nice to watch how amateur skaters sincerely support and enjoy each other’s success. But not only figure skating 🙂 In addition to the entertainment events that are planned as part of the WWMG, I want to get acquainted with the sights, since I will be in Austria for the first time.

How will you prepare for skating?

This is the most difficult, because the excitement is very off-scale sometimes. It is important to skate as it usually happens in training, calmly and clearly performing all the elements, and enjoy your own skating.

Daria Yakovenko and Valeriia Yas

Do you have plans how and with whom to spend time in Innsbruck?

I don’t have a clear plan, how exactly I will spend time, we’ll improvise, adapting to training and competitive days)) We are going from the Ukraine together with Daria Yakovenko, who also participates in figure skating competitions, so we will spend most of our time together. There are also plans to meet with those whom I met in Oberstdorf last year, and the participants with whom I took part in international sports camps.

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