Mari Carmen Sanchez: “Sports brings us together…”

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A team of skaters from Mexico also goes to the Games of Masters in Innsbruck. And here is what we learned by talking with one of the athletes — Mari Carmen Sanchez.

Mari Carmen Sanchez

What can you tell about adult skating in Mexico?

Sorry, we are trying to invite more adults in every competition, and in our ice rinks. In every ice rink there are many coaches, you can have a head coach and 1 or 2 more if you like, I have 2 Mexicans and 1 from Russia. They are so good, and my head coach is Jose Ignacio Martinez,I call him papa smurf, ha ha ha,because in Mexico we don’t have only one head  coach for all our Mexican Federation of figure skaters, but he travels with us to Canada, or Oberstdorf,  and he help us a lot with our federation, many skaters in Oberstdorf know him as Nacho, (nick name).    Every time we travel for a competition, we call our skaters team Mexico, we are part of the Mexican Federation of figure skaters,every member  has to be part of it. Every one is an amateur, we are not professionals at skating, some are skating coaches and they compete, but for example, I’m a dermatologist, so I skate for the love of it, as many other adults. I have 2 beautiful daughters, I work at my private practice, and I love to skate. I have been competing for 6 years now, and every time its so exiting. Love my “skating family “ around the world, it’s the best part of it.

Why did you want to participate in WWMG?

I want to be part of WWMG because I think it’s a great opportunity to make more friends, and share the passion in the sport we love so much, and it’s going to be so cool to see other sports.

Mari Carmen Sanchez

Have you got support of officials, national uniform or something else?

2 years ago a friend of mine who has a uniform factory gave us the jackets for the Oberstdorf competition, but we don’t have any sponsors.

What are your expectations for this event?

My expectations for this year… Obviously everybody wants to win, but I think everyone is specking to have an awesome time with our friends, and meet more people from around the world… Sports brings us together… that’s what thinks, and I love it.

Who will support you in the competition?

I’m going to be with team Mexico, and my coach Jose Ignacio Martinez, one of my coaches in Mexico.

Mari Carmen Sanchez

What are you going to visit in Innsbruck?

I want to visit Schloss Ambras, lakes, mountains, the Swarovski crystal world, I want to eat all the good stuff around, and skate in frozen lakes with my friends. It’s going to be so great….can’t wait to be there!

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