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A few days remained before the opening of the Winter World Masters Games. The whole sports world of adults is waiting for this event! The participant of the Ukrainian team, Daria Yakovenko, who kindly agreed to share her expectations with us, is looking forward to the upcoming Games.

Daria Yakovenko

In what category and in which disciplines are you registered?

I am registered in Category Bronze 1, Free program and Artistic.

What emotions did you have when you realized that you would be participating in WWMG?

At first, I didn’t have much emotion. I was just interested to participate in such a large-scale event. Emotions came later, when a few hours after the opening of the registration, it turned out that all the slots for figure skating were sold. There was crazy joy and anticipation of something grandiose. Then there was a slight fear, because from Ukraine only I was on the list of participants, and I understood that I would have to go without our friendly team. Fortunately, in November, another representative of Ukraine was selected from the waiting list.

Daria Yakovenko

What does participation in this competition mean for you?

For me, this is an opportunity to get into a large-scale interesting project, because figure skating takes part in the Games for the first time. This is an opportunity to see all your friends on ice from around the world, because this is a kind of very funny “skating” family. And, of course, this is a chance to step on the ice and prove first of all to yourself that nothing is impossible. Competition is like a certain line of your skills, the result of your labor.

In what significant competitions have you participated before? What is so special about WWMG?

Before the Games, I came to Oberstdorf for four years in a row. I had no other significant competitions.

What I expect from Innsbruck? Probably new meetings, acquaintances. Great performances in all sports, fun sports atmosphere, celebration and, of course, fair competition.

How is your preparation for these competitions going?

I do not have any special program for preparing specifically for these competitions. It’s just like usual competitive training — we skate programs with my coach (Julia Dun), I also have classes with a choreographer (Liliia Nochevka; program choreographer — Ekaterina Gulich-Rakhaeva). Unfortunately, this season I practiced without a skating specialist.

I have not changed programs since the latest competition in Oberstdorf in May. My coach and I changed the jumping part a bit, complicated it as much as possible, so we paid more attention to these jumps because they did not go as easily as we would like. Also this season I went to two Ukrainian starts as a preparation to test my programs in a competitive mode.

Daria Yakovenko

Are there any friends of you who takes part in other kinds of sport in the Games?

Unfortunately, no. But I really want to look at competitions in other disciplines.

What are your goals?

My main goal in these competitions is to deal with my nerves, skate my programs well and, most importantly, have fun!

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