Vanessa Trevino: «I can not wait to see all my friends»

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Today we will talk about one more skater, who will perform with her programs in Innsbruck very soon! And that skater is Vanessa Trevino.

Vanessa Trevino

I had very good expectations about WWMG from the first moment I heard about the Competition.

But it was in the first moment. After some organization things I didn’t like it. Like practices in other far Ice Rink that I didn’t not take. Very late the days of Competition, times, participants. A very expensive Gala Dinner….

But I have good expectations yet and hope that everything will be OK.

Only 15 days to go…. I can not imagine! I feel fortunate to be in this Competition like almost the Winter Olympic Games for adults, thinking about the people couldn’t go….

I am not passing through a very good moment now, it is all complicated in my life, so I need to go to this Competition. We have several strikes in Paris from over a month now in the public transport. I can not go to practice to the Ice Rink a lot because of this. So I will improvise my programs. Difficult to go to work, to go out with my friends…… And I have train to go to Innsbruck. Now I have to book a new one bus because my train will be annuled. I need to find my Ice Skating friends from all over the world and take very good moments together…. I really need it.

And go out from Paris. A lot of problems.

Feeling excited in this moment about everything in the Competition. Welcome Ceremony, Olympic Ice Rink Competition , and very beautiful place. I will do the best I can and I will enjoy every moment.

I can not wait to see all my friends in the Competition especially from Spain and Mexico. I enjoy Competitions but more important is the people there to share every moment with……. ♥

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