Irina Ser: «And then I realized that I was very lucky!»

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Everyone is equally looking forward to the competition in Innsbruck, but each in its own way. That’s why it’s more interesting to find out how the skaters all over the world feel a few weeks before the main event of the new year. Today we want to introduce to you one more participant of the Winter World Master’s Games — Irina Ser.

Irina Ser

How did you find out about WWMG and why did you decide to skate there?

I learned about the Games long time ago, in June 2018. I received an email with information that the Winter Games for Masters will be held in 2020 and I was invited to «subscribe» to the newsletter about these competitions.
In my opinion, these are very interesting competitions, and I immediately decided that I wanted to participate there, firstly, because the Games are held only once every 4 years, so this start is more significant than annual competitions. But most likely, my decision to participate is based on my interest in skating on Olympic ice, it is always very exciting and “especially” to compete in historical arenas. Every year I take part in international competitions, so I did not hesitate whether to go to Innsbruck or not, January just allows me to devote more time to figure skating and go to Austria for 10 days.

There was a real stir among the skaters regarding participation in the Games, and not everyone managed to register. Did you immediately get into the list of participants? What feelings did you experience when you realized that you would skate in the Games?

I was looking forward to the registration to open in March 2019 (the first “wave», let’s say so). Frankly, I did not think that quotas would be taken SO quickly, but still I set an alarm for the right time and immediately began to fill out a questionnaire. I was able to register at once, just from my phone … it took me less than 10 minutes. Later, it turned out that many people could not register, many had difficulties wih paying or just filling out the participant’s questionnaire, and then I realized that I was very lucky!

Now, of course, I feel joy that I was so lucky and that I will take part in the Games.

What are your expectations for the event?

Probably, like most athletes, I expect my personal best skating, I definitely want to “defeat” myself and skate clean the free program. I also really look forward to seeing my skater friends.

Irina Ser

Who will support you in the competition?

At first I planned to go with my husband, he knows how to support and set up a good skating. But just a couple of days ago we had to change our plan. The husband will remain to work, and I will fly to Austria alone. But I don’t particularly worry about it, I’m sure my whole family will support me from far away, and my incredible skater friends will support me in the arena.

How are you going to spend your free time in Innsbruck?

Before my performance, I plan practice and a “quiet” rest. If time and a training schedule allow, then I want to visit the ski and hokkey competitions. But after my performance, I definitely want to go snowboarding, I am a big fan of snowboarding, I will not say that I love snowboarding more than figure skating, but it also takes up a huge part of my life. So I plan to devote free time after the competition to snowboarding on the beautiful alpine slopes.

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