Loyalty and devotion

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On the ice we are a duo so we constantly practice together, but as my partner Kate also compete solo sometimes we go to the rink separately.  Last Wednesday Kate went to skate alone and there she tried death spiral. And as she went without me – so she tried to perform that element without me.  She did with other skater, with other lady’s partner. Of course, I am happy for Kate,  moreover we are planning death spiral. But on the other hand,  the fact that my partner in my absence skate with other person doesn’t make me happy.  That was the first time I thought about loyalty and devotion if FS.  

Our coach Yuri Vlasenko, Kate and me

For me it is obvious that these two aspects fill an adult sport. We are devoted to our fav hobby otherwise we couldn’t endure pain, overcome fear and find power to go skating after a long working day late at night. So I can say that adult skaters are loyal and devoted people.

But if you skate in a pair or in a group, you have to be loyal twice.  Just have a look at prof pairs – one partner could get a trauma, and the other waits. Or one is ready to quit and the other – not. In that case devoted partners stay together on the ice or the pair is finished. Sometimes one partner wants to compete and the other  — not and again we face fidelity or on the contrary the lack of it.  Double devotion – to elected hobby and to a chosen partner.

Sometimes during our practices other adult skaters try to teach us, try to correct our mistakes. They say “you do wrong you should do so”  and at those moments we have to be loyal triple. Because we have a coach, and we trust him.  Last year he left to compete for other country and we had to “cheat on” him too. But now he is back and we are back as well. And any time I hear some instructions from other skaters or if it turns out that we do something incorrectly, my coach’s word is a law for me.  I never doubt. I just can imagine how difficult for coaches to deal with skaters who have several coaches. 

So nowadays when relationships more often are measured with money, triple loyalty and devotion are not too much.  

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