Our History: Artistic Rhythm Ice Dance Hit the Ice

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We, adult skaters, know well the regulations for amateur competitions.  There are a great deal of restrictions and problems for those who just having grown older and  want express themselves. How it could be complicated to cut the music you like to 1.40 min for Artistic Program. How it is absolutely impossible to find a partner, especially a he-partner if you want to ice-dance. But the truth is that adult sport is for passionate grown-ups, not for medals, not for careers, not for fame, not for sponsors – just for “express yourself” purposes.  And on that thrilling path we don’t need ISU old-fashioned restrictions where a pair is a man and a woman. We want something brand new. We want Artistic Rhythm Ice Dance.  The new discipline that we have invented combining ice dance patterns with Artistic interpretation of music and what is extremely important it could be one gender or mixed – absolutely no difference. It reveals new horizons for those who feels restricted within the ISU limits, for those who want changes, for those who are eager to express themselves.

There are two of us. We are from Russia. We dance together. And we baptized our new discipline – Artistic Rhythm Ice Dance.  During the dance we perform ice dance patterns changing partnership  and it is the only regulation. All the rest is following the music and the plot.

Now we already have two dances – Starlight Waltz and Argentine Tango. And we are not going to stop. We want to show adult skaters that it is time to break ISU old-fashion limits and it’s time to move forward.

And remember our names: Kate Meden and Galina Nikonova

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