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You did want complexity? – So watch it now.  No, I am not going to criticize a new judging system in FS because it gives us some chance for an objective evaluation for  such a subjective sport as figure-skating considered art on ice by many. But unfortunately a lot of skaters chasing levels and GOEs forget about art at all! Very often our favorites twist themselves in  such extraordinary  positions  that frighten us, FS fans!

Just have a look!

Extraodinary position 1. Spinning  lying

In fact I am for aesthetics in FS.  OK, let it be complicated and high-leveled, but – beautiful.  Only the last picture shows “beautiful” here – the pic of Alexandra Trusova: nice pose, flexible back, feet and arms – everything is good.  As for boys, they rarely manage to perform camel spin with captured leg beautifully. Men’s backs are not so flexible as girls’. That’s why such a spin when performed by a male-skater is seldom a pleasant view!

Extraordinary position 2. Sit spin modifications.

Here there are a lot of  variations. I can’t understand how “the thinker pose” from the first photo matches  Vladimir Litvintsev blues program ?  I believe just a sit spin much more better in this case.  Or it should be thought over in order to be “seeable”.

Extraordinary position 3.  Upspins.

Here it is not that bad. And I am not sure myself if it is beautiful or not and what position presented in the photos   more or less beautiful? I can say that I just don’t like it when girls in short skirts put their legs too up. As for aesthetics – zero.

Extraordinary position 4 or Double position.  Pair Spin.

I don’t like it at all. Do you?

Extraordinary position 5. Dancing.

Frankly speaking I am scared of increasing number of head-down positions in Ice Dance. Too explicit.  I noticed this frightened tendency during Russian Team Open Skates in Autumn,  A lot of dancing pairs included such lifts in their programmes and more than once. Now we see that this fashion is world-wide.

I understand truly why they do it, they what levels, thet want GOE, they want to win. But there are programmes where complicated lifts look beautifully.

Extraordinary position 6. Death Spirals.

Have you already seen an original death spiral position in Stolbova&Novoselov progs? It is really extraordinary, really. I have never seen anything like this. But for eyes it is not good, I believe? or maybe I am retrogressive?

In any case, I’d like extraordinary positions to help skaters to gain points but I am sure that a winner is not a person who twist more and more wonderfuller but a real  masters’ team that will manage to create a unique masterpiece!

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