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I told my partner Katya.  “To start international career”. After that very short but epic monologue, our female duo performed in Turkey, in Samsun.  And it happened in Summer, in July.  Now it’s autumn and it’s again high time for international competitions.  It’s time to go abroad. And there is a good chance – December, 15. The tournament “Diamond Cup” in Samsun will be held again.

Someone in Russia may say – Turkey? Is it really abroad for us?  We know Oberstdorf or Lake Placid, these are really international competitions. I cannot argue with that. However, as winter abroad start Turkey is OK without any doubts. Because – Russian skaters don’t need visas for Turkey and winters there are much more warmer than in Europe, Canada and the USA.

To be honest there were some problems in the first- time competitions in Samsun last July.  We wrote about a “foggy and rainy” ice arena. But organizers promised renewing and repairing. We are not going to be too uptight. It’s Turkey, a new figure-skating country. And December is not July, it will be warm but not as hot as in the middle of Summer. There were few participants in July, but that was first-time start and I think there will be more in December.

In Samsun duos may perform, and not only traditional mixed pairs but one-gender ones. So if you are interested in ice dancing, there is still time to create. Besides that not only adult skaters can compete but there will be competitions for children.  Amateurs, of course.  So if your son or daughter are also skaters you come together and perform. 

2 days camp will be held in Samsun before the competitions, December, 12-14. It could be interesting and useful.

And in Samsun you will meet amazing ladies Alexandra Ievleva and Oksana Tokareva who will do their best to make “Diamond Cup” unforgettable for you.

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