Mohammed Al-Kindi: «Life is all about Challenge»

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At the competitions in Turkey, Diamond Cup, we met many extraordinary, and inspired by figure skating, wonderful people. And, perhaps, the main wonder of this start was Mohammed Al-Kindi, a skater from Oman who has great skating skills and knows how to become a favorite of the public. And, of course, we talked with him.

When and how did you start figure skating?

I started ice skating in the end of 2011, November 19th, once we had a new ice skating rink. I used to skate with hockey team in beginning, then I met my first coach , he’s name Albert from Philippine. He told me about figure skating sport he insisted on learning from him because he thought I got some talants or gifted by somehow. I liked to do spins and jump. First month I was skating with new boots. It became one of my daily routine as hobbies.

My figure skating story is the following. I used to play football every day from 4:30pm till sunset. My colleagues started to disappear one by one. And I asked them why, they replied that they were busy in fact they did not interested in football any more.

I found out about them at ice rink they were having fun without me. So, I had three months vacation before college. I worked to get some money for my hockey skates. Then I managed to get on ice without them know. I do ice skating, I used to come before them, improve my skills on ice. I got this kind of motivation every day and I want to do it so badly: to be better than them all. That was all about passion and fun.

Why did you choose this sport?

Because I felt it is more fun and joy doing jumps and spins and dancing on the ice. I love to perform for the audience.

Tell us about figure skating in Oman. Is this sport developed among professionals? And among amateurs? Does Oman have sports facilities?

Unfortunately we don’t have good facilities in Oman however, I am working on it, but the process needs time. Remember we are in the Middle East/ Desert country.

Mohammed Al-Kindi

Do amateur competitions take place in your country?

Well, if you mention competition that’s mean Federation, hope soon yes!

In your opinion, what is the future of this sport in your country?

I would love to see next generation they do such of this kind of sports here in Oman in Junior and Senior level.

Mohammed Al-Kindi

You have a very unusual profession for a skater — a flight attendant. How do you organize your training process?

Yes, I agree. Life is all about Challenge. I have to be more organized and specific on time. First I get good rest after my duty plus I have to make sure I got enough food so I can workout for all day at ice rink. (Rest + food + practice).

In which cities / countries of the world did you manage to train? Is there any ice rink that you especially liked?

My favorite ice rink is in Moscow-Russia, Rus’ Ledovyy Dvorets ice rink.

And Abu Dhabi — Zayed Sports City Ice Rink.

Mohammed Al-Kindi, Red Square, Moscow

Do you have a coach, and if so, how does he participate in your sports training?

I hven’t got coach since my first coach left Oman, I joined Emirates skating club, I believe that I am one of the members for 3 years. I used to get private lessons from Coach Alexandra. I travelled on my day off to get some practice and off ice training. Currently I am self taught.

You cannot participate in most competitions. Why?

I just mentioned above because this sport doesn’t exist here in Oman.

Is it important for you to compete? What gives you the most satisfaction in figure skating?

Absolutely yeah, more competition more summer camps this only the way how to develop your skills and learning from different coaches.

How did you hear about the Diamond Cup?

Through Coach Alexandra (Aleksandra Ievleva).

Mohammed Al-Kindi, Diamond Cup 2019, Turkey

In addition to the fact that your programs include complex technical elements, your skating is very expressive. Do you work on choreography and artistry?

Yes, I liked to be characteristic, and I would love to work with Jeffrey Buttle in future.

How do you rate yourself in figure skating now?

Can’t rate myself now, need to workout very intense to improve.

Would you like to try something new for yourself in figure skating?

I don’t think about it right now, just try to enjoy every single moment.

Mohammed wants figure skating become more developed in his country. It is known that success comes only if people with bright eyes take it! I’m sure that many boys and girls in Oman would enthusiastically run to the ice rinks if they saw Mohammed — soaring above the clouds on board an airplane and spinning on the ice here on the ground — skating. Isn’t he a hero for the youth?

And something else. It is possible that in the Turkish city of Samsun, we met with the best skater of Oman.

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