Turkey. The Land of Miracles…

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Turkey is Wonderland for amateur figure-skating. To be more precise, not the whole country but the exact location – the town of Samsun, and not for amateur FS in the whole  but for exact competitions  — Diamond Cup, which were held there for the first time on the 28th of July.

Ice Arena, Samsun, Turkye

There were no many competitors this time but our skating duo was among them so we can share our emotions and impressions with you.

Our participation in Diamond Cup is some kind of miracle by itself. We couldn’t have remembered why we decided to take part. Just a little bit of information and – “Let’s go? – Ok”. I think the best adventures usually start like that.  

So we were in position just in time to compete and to enjoy.  What did we see there?  7 wonders of figure skating!

Wonder One.  Sea, the Black sea…  About 200 metres from Ice Palace!  Sea – warm and tender.  And just in  the middle of the hot top season – working and receiving competitors ice rink! There were some problems with ice arena – temperature differences inside and outside gave birth to thick fog above the ice and the roof was “crying” producing small “ponds” in ice.  But in Moscow when it is so hot rinks are usually closed.  

Mohammad Al Kindi, Oman, «Gold»

Miracle Two.  “Diamond Cup” is real international competitions! Yea, really.  Not only Russia and Turkey. There were skaters from other countries – UAE, Oman. And the competitor from Oman also is —

Miracle Three —  a man skating in Gold.  There are no lots of men in the world skating in Gold, but our friend from Oman is namely such a skater! Maybe someone in Moscow saw him in Morozovo, but it’s another story…

Miracle Four. Two female duos.  And who said that female duo is abnormal and non-esthetic so that they can’t compete? Here in Turkey we competed for the first time in category  “ladies pair”. By the way, the organizer of “Diamond  Cup” Alexandra Ivleva performed in the other ladies duo. They showed very interesting contemporary program- a wonderful opposite to our ice-dance pattern composition!

Alexandra Ivleva and Iklim Sentunali, Turkey, Ladies Duo.

Miracle Five.   Stands!  In Ice Palace on the seashore, in the country where figure skating has just appeared there are stands! There are not big, just several rows, but there are.

Miracle Six – audience!  Hearty, supporting all the skaters, having come to greet competitors with flowers and presents and having created warm and friendly atmosphere! Adult skaters are not “spoiled” by full stands and we were very happy to see supportive spectators! And more than that the organizers of Diamond Cup confessed that they hadn’t invited more just because they were afraid of “the-first-time” troubles.

Audience taking pictures during victory ceremony

Miracle Seven.  It is not a dream!  And if you want to check it – come and see!  Next “Diamond Cup” will be held in December and it will be hot, we are sure!

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