Team Bauhinia: «Synchronized skating is not a well developed sport in Hong Kong»

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In Russia, adult synchronized figure skating is completely undeveloped. We asked the same questions to the world most active teams to find out how things are going in their countries. And we were convinced that good conditions are not the only factor on which the development of sports depends. The main driving force is the real desire of real people and their actions to achieve the goal. Today we will introduce you to team Bauhinia from Hong Kong.

Team Bauhinia

What level of skating do most team members have?

It varies, level spread from bronze through gold.

How many people from childhood engaged in figure skating, and how many began to engage it in adulthood?

Around 1/3 engage since childhood majority of the skaters engage in adulthood.

How many hours a week does a team train on ice?

We train one hour a week on ice.

How many hours does the team devote to off-ice workouts?

We try to manage to have at least 1 hour off-ice per week.

Does the team have a coach?

Yes. The coach was a synchro skater.

An element that you are proud of —

Creative element.

Something to work on —

Since we are a relative young team and the skating skills varies a lot when coming from different skating level background. We are aiming to emphasis on basic skills.

Synchronized skating is difficult because …

It is hard to maintain unison while having similar speed and control. Also it is hard to learn the various synchro elements when team members does not have any synchro exposure.

Synchronized skating is great because …

It promotes team work, friendship while is very challenging and fun.

For your team true — team for Oberstdorf or Oberstdorf as one of many others places for team?

Team for Obsertdorf. Synchronized skating is not a well developed sport in Hong Kong, there is not a well established structure in the local/national level therefore we are using the Oberstdorf requirements to build the team and a goal setting as an annual competition.

Would you like to see more teams in synchronized skating?


We wish good luck to the Team Bauhinia, let their skills grow with the love of such a rare, complex and beautiful sport like synchronized figure skating!

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