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So, what are synchro teams that hit Oberstdorf in 2019? They are brave, friendly, passionate about hard, but very exciting teamwork. The rest is better to ask the team members. Today at Kiss and Cry is the Team Antique representing Finland.

Team Antique, Oberstdorf 2019,

What level of skating do most team members have?

In Finland we don’t have synchronized levels like that so I’m not sure
how to answer.. Our team competes in adult series which is an amateur
level. In adult level there are two series: ”normal” adults and masters adults.

How many people from childhood engaged in figure skating, and how many began to engage it in adulthood?

Fifty fifty. Our skating backgrounds varies from 5 to 30 years. Some of
us have competed on the national level as children, some have started
skating as adults.

How many hours a week does a team train on ice?

Once a week 1,5 hours, sometimes more for example when we have competitions.

How many hours does the team devote to off-ice workouts?

1 hour together

Does the team have a coach? Does the coach skate in team at

Our coach is Ville Penttinen. He’s a real professional! No, he doesn’t
skate at competitions.

Team Antique, Oberstdorf 2019,

An element that you are proud of –

In the last season our best element was maybe the pivotin block or the
combined element.

Something to work on –

There is a lot to work on! Our team is quite new; we have been skating
together only for two years now. First we had to learn to skate together,
now we keep on practicing basic skating skills and synchronized skating
elements. Our coach is challenging us all the time – we have to raise
the bar year over year.

Synchronized skating is difficult because …

16 skaters have to do exactly the same moves at the same time with a
great emotion.

Synchronized skating is great because …

it’s so much fun with these ladies! Team spirit comes from doing things
together and working towards a common goal. We share success, failure, joy and sorrow. Our team is full of amazing women – we’re more than a team, we’re friends.

Team Antique, Oberstdorf 2019,

For your team true — team for Oberstdorf or Oberstdorf as one of
many others places for team?

It’s our dear hobby, so the answer is we love synchronized skating and want to skate together.
We have now competed in Oberstdorf for two times and won bronze medals both times. Next year our team competes in Innsbruck at the WWMG, Winter World Master Games.

Would you like to see more teams in synchronized skating?

In Finland there are plenty of synchro teams, over 20 only in adult
series. Hopefully adults find this great team sport also in other countries!

We thank the Team Antique for their heartiness and we wish them to achieve the highest results!

Adult figure skaters of all countries, we urge you to create your own teams, because, you see, it is so beautiful!

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