Two Faces of the Games

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It is really weird that professional figure skating is full of children behaving like serious adults: they work hard from the early childhood, jumping these and those doubles, triples or even quards, winning these or those competitions and most of them dream a big dream – Olympic Games,  and even more: taking the throne. For example,  Alexandra Trusova, a teenager and a quadist,  dreams of Olympic Gold.

In adult figure skating everything is different: grown-ups act like children – they skate a little when they have free time apart of their works and families and they also want World Championships and Olympic Games. Not the same Games that Sasha Trusova is dreaming but about their own adults competition- Masters’ Games. And the Games are coming. They will take place in Innsbruck and there the special clock is counting down the days left.

In fact, the idea to hold adult Games is amazing. The Games are not common competitions somewhere nobody knows where in a cold empty rink. The Games are opening, closing and victory ceremonies, a lot of  athletes from many countries. By the way, figure skating is in program for the first time, congrats to us all!

And Innsbruck is really very beautiful town with picturesque view on snowy mountains and charming odor of hot wine. And strudels!

But strudels are off top , of course.  The Games! Those are that really matter. Skaters will take the ice from the early morning till night. There were so many skaters willing to take part in the Games and the organizers had to add one more extra day to FS schedule. So there will be even more skaters, well , not skaters but people who think they are skaters. Because anyone could register to participate, anyone who had enough time to “carpe diem”  and enough money to pay for participance. Adult skater taking part in the Masters’ Games could skate for 20 years or for 2 months. No matter! And if the Games themselves are good idea – buying Olympic dream is not.  And so our adult FS world is shaking, so there are a lot of discontented. In fact if you can skate at Olympic Games just for money what kind of Games they are?  It is more like folk theatre where you buy a ticket – watch and dance.

I think that organizes of the event haven’t expected such a reaction by adult people. They haven’t expected that the words “ sold out” at the first day of registration made so many people unhappy. They haven’t expected that discontented people would express their emotions openly. They haven’t expected that 82-years she-skater would sit at the computer for the whole night to register for the Games. They haven’t expected that the discussion in the Net would become so hot that the Rules of Conduct for athletes would appear in the FB page of the Games.  They just really haven’t expected that adult people would be so childish!

People, don’t!  You are not going to cry and shout if you see “ sold out” in the theatre? If you have failed to buy Olympic “ticket” it’s not a tragedy. It means only that this “first night” will take place without you. So be an adult, calm down and go practice!

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