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As for me the names for categories in adult figure skating  sound pretty magic, especially in English (I am Russian):  Bronze Ladies, Silver Ladies and at the top of the metals – Gold Ladies. In Gold one should really skate: jump doubles and spin combos and perform complicated steps.  And, of course,  most often Gold Ladies are skaters who became adults.  Often, but not always. Sometimes adults who became skaters skate up to this level.  There is great difference in that case but both face their own problems.

I respect greatly Gold Ladies especially those who really Gold but don’t pretend to be gold. Those who perform double jumps of high quality and complicated steps.

Andrea Lochno, Oberstdorf 2019

Andrea Lochno from Germany is this year Gold Ladies III Free Skating Oberstdorf winner with total score 53.70 (16.10+37.60). In her progamme three clean double jumps – 2T, 2Lo, 2S. And the Lady looks great and performs in overalls. Her physical shape is perfect!

We asked Andrea a couple of  short questions.

Andrea, You are an adult who became a skater or a skater who became an adult? —  A skater who became adult.

How often do you practice?  — Three times a week.

Coach or no coach?  — Mostly without coach.

Do you practice off-ice?  — Only stretching and Black Roll

How do you keep fit:  diet or physical activity? — No alcohol and healthy food only

What skates do you skate?  — SP Teri

Jumps or spins?  — All kind of spins; jumps up to double flip

For You : Oberstdorf is … —  My personal capital for figure skating.

Andrea Lochno, Gold Lady III, Obersdorf 2019

Our congratulations  and good luck for Andrea, Gold lady with Obi Gold!

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