Zoe Jones: «Never say never»

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Not so long ago we wrote about Zoe. Since then, their pair with Christopher Boyadji entered the top 10 European pairs and became 17 at the World Championships. But much more impressive is her love of figure skating, which probably gives such amazing results.

As a teenager skating was my life and most things I did or didn’t do revolved around skating! So when it was a bad day on the ice it was a bad day!!! ?

Now as an adult/mum/coach I have so many other things going on my energy is placed else where. When it’s not such a great day on the ice life continues and I have to much else going on to dwell on it.

This is not to say that this is easy for me now ? When I do something I throw myself into it completely and I’m even now still learning, that sometimes I need to pull back, to not push myself as much and make sure that everything I do has a specific purpose.

Zoe Ann Jones with her dauchers

This seasons training started off so well and has ended with me being injured for the hole first half of the season.

Europeans was our first international this year and it’s really just put everything back in perspective for me!

I came into pairs not knowing what to expect of myself and with this we had a great first season even though everything around me off the ice was falling apart.

With success and improvement for me came more expectations of myself and I put even more pressure on myself (this never results in success lol).

After deciding to do another season, having been off and suffering with so many injury’s this season started off so disappointing and even though the injury’s are still lingering I’m on the ice pushing through.

We made it to the Europeans which was our first international of the season and it felt great to be back out there. We had not such a great short at the Europeans but came back fighting with a free program that will stay with me always.

Zoe Ann Jones and Christopher Boyadji

Me and Chris have so much to deal with on a daily basis with ice, coaching work and kids but with a great support network around us I feel that we continue to grow together as a Pair and are making improvements despite the odds doing what we love.

I talk about this because one of the big differences I felt at Obertsdorf  is that it felt more relaxed for me even though it’s still competition which I think no matter what event it is you are doing be it adults or amateurs all competition is stressful, the main difference for me was I felt like part of a huge big family of skaters who are all there for the love of the sport and they are all cheering and willing every single person on which is such a beautiful thing.

Now I’m the oldest ? everyone is younger than me, and I feel more pressure to perform because of it, I don’t want to be the old mum that skates at a high level and that’s great that she’s here, I want to be the old mum that Can still skate and perform the same as my competitors ?

I think people that start skating as adults are very courageous the ice can be a very scary place and I have great respect for all adults that have a passion to skate and aren’t afraid to put their self out there and follow that passion ?

Zoe Ann Jones and Christopher Boyadji

My advise to adult skaters would be know “why you are skating , where you would like your path to lead you and set small goals to help you achieve this”.

And of course always believe that you CAN and that you WILL get there in the end so NEVER give up.

Going into this season we had the points in the free to qualify for the world championships but we didn’t have the short score!!!

After a less than perfect short We didn’t make it at Euros either.

We have just yesterday flown back from Oberstdorf from the Bavarian Trophy where we made the points for worlds ? and came home with a bronze medal.

As of our competitive plans for after worlds, right now we are unsure and are taking things one step at a time.

But one thing for sure is that skating is what I love and will always be involved in my life ?

Chris and I coach together and have a good coaching business that we hope to develop more over time , we teach children and adults and are passionate about helping other skaters achieve their dreams and aspirations.

As for your question on will you see me back in adult amateur competition again ? Well I’ve definitely learnt to “never say never” ?

Pairs or singles?!!! I think that, that would be up to Chris because I couldn’t really see myself skating pairs with someone else in competition.

Thank you, Zoe! We wish you new successes on the ice and in everything, no matter what you take!

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