Figure skater! Take care!

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We want you to be healthy, we want you to skate long and happily without traumas and stresses. So here they are — professional recommendations.  Maria Dvornikova  is not only a great doctor but a dancer. She has been dancing from the early childhood and continue dancing now combining professional career and creative hobby.  She knows well what is practicing hard and often and about recovering.

Maria, how can we protect ourselves  from injuries?

Full warm-up (for winter sports in Thermo Clothing) before every practice.

Daily general exercises ( not less 20 min) for maintenance of muscle tone.

Body weight control.

Use of orthopedic insoles for adult skaters with flatfoot.

Use of bandages after operations and during recovering after injuries.


What mustn’t an adult skater do at all?

One mustn’t practice if she or he takes anesthetics.

One mustn’t train with traumas.

One mustn’t miss practices and break daily general exercises routine.

One mustn’t   increase physical activity dramatically.


What should one do in case of trauma?

Stop practicing immediately,  immobilize damaged limb, contact emergency or personal doctor, follow doctor’s prescriptions on treatment and recovery process.

How important are  general exercises for an adult skater?

It’s a «must». One must do a full set of general exercises for improving physical conditions and for keeping fit. It helps to protect the body from injuries during practices and competitions. General exercises  should  be done daily. It takes from 20 min to 2 hours. The duration depends on intensity of practices. One mustn’t increase activity dramatically — 20 min today and then 2 hours tomorrow — you should increase duration gradually adding 5 min every time.  There are special sets of exercises for different sports and different groups of sportsmen.

What about recovery process after practices?

Recovery after practice is a complicated process consisting several phases. I can recommend the following practical things.

Just after practice it is good to drink  pure or mineral water up to 1 litre.

30-40 minutes after practice it is good to have 60-100gr  of  carbohydrates of medium complexity (maltodextrin, flour products, potatoes, porridge-rice, corn). But if you have to control body weight use only complex carbohydrates and not more than 30gr. And continue drinking water.

Besides that one should get enough sleep.

Also you can use extra recovering methods:  massage and physiotherapy.

Dear skaters! Take care and skate with pleasure!


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